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Racial skills.

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Racial skills.

Post by Drasqo on Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:21 pm

1. Human

  • Deft Footwork (active): For 3 minutes, dramatically decrease the
    likelihood of being knocked down or paralyzed by another player by 50%.
    Cooldown 60 minutes.
  • Indomitable Spirit (passive): When your HP is less than 30% receive 10% less damage from other players.
  • Resilence of Body (passive): You heal continuously after resurrection.
  • Nomadic Crafter (passive): Increases the speed of crafting light armor by 10%.
2. High Elf

  • Core Infusion (active) instantly completely restores MP through the power of the Core . Cooldown 2 hours.
  • Call of the Core (active): You teleport to Allemantheia. Cooldown 1 hour.
  • Resilence of Mind (passive): When resurrected provides a MP regeneration buff.
  • Coalescence (passive): Increases the speed of collecting essences by 15%.
3. Castanic

  • Skirmish Running (active): Your speed increases by 35 for 3 minutes,
    but your resistance to stun is reduced by 20%. The effect ends if you
    stunned. Skill may be used during combat. Cooldown 30 minutes.
  • Dirty Fighting (passive): Increases the critical value by 1% when attacking from behind.
  • Weaponforger (passive): Increases the speed of crafting with metal weapons in 10%.
  • Landing Light (passive): Decreases falling damage by 50%.
4. Aman

  • Last Aman Standing (active): Your resistance to being knocked down
    or paralyzed increases by 70% for 30 seconds. Cooldown 60 minutes.
  • No Stranger to Pain (passive): Decreases damage taken by 10% when your HP is below 30%.
  • Blood of Dragons (passive): Increases resistance to the effects that do Damage Over Time by 10.
  • Prospector (passive): Increases the speed of collecting minerals.
5. Popori

  • Soothing Presence (active): Monsters do not make pre-emptive
    strikes, but your movement speed is reduced by 40% for 1 minute. The
    effect disappears immediately when you use a skill or item , or if you
    enter combat. Cooldown 60 minutes.
  • Horizon Run (active): Your speed increases by 20 for 3 minutes. Cannot be used in combat. Cooldown 30 minutes.
  • Botanist (passive): Increases the speed of plant collection.
  • Current Friendly (passive): Your swim speed is increased by 50%.
6. Baraka

  • Ancient Wellspring (active): Instantly restores all your HP using the magic of a bygone era. Cooldown 2 hours.
  • Resistance to Fatigue (passive): Your stamina cannot drop below 20%.
  • Gather No Moss (passive): Increases resistance to restraint and movement debuffs by 10.
  • Time-Lost Techniques (passive): Increases the speed of crafting magical weapons by 10%.


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