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Game Developers Take Note!!

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Game Developers Take Note!!

Post by Docbrad on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:04 am

DayZ has become incredibly popular incredibly fast. It has boosted the sales of a game that has done okay, right to the top of the charts. But DayZ is so simple. It doesn't have fancy animations, crazy story lines. It doesn't have unreal game play and crazy features. It doesn't tell you how to play or even give you a simple goal. Except survive.

In my opinion, the reason DayZ is so popular, is because it offers us something game developers have been missing for quite sometime. The option to do WHATEVER WE WANT. Think about it, DayZ doesn't target any one group of people, like World of Warcraft, Tetris, Pokemon or Battlefield. It places the player in a world and tells them that all they have to do is survive. The story is yours to make. And if any of you have read the official DayZ forums, then you would know, that the stories are amazing. And abundant. People can do whatever they want. They can shoot to kill, they can hunt and survive. They can look cities or snipe. The player is FREE.

I think it is possible to back this up with Minecraft. Look how simple that game is!! Then look how popular it is! Players can do whatever they want in Minecraft, so it has become incredibly popular.

Game Developers: Please, drop the complexities of your insane games. Create a good engine, a good world, good mechanics, and supply the player with tools to create their own game. That is what will make a killing.

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