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Statement about duping, alt f4, server hopping, ghosting, glitches etcetera.

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Statement about duping, alt f4, server hopping, ghosting, glitches etcetera.

Post by Drasqo on Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:02 pm

Hello everyone,

Over the last few days there have been some discussions going on about wether or not to approve of duping, glitching etc.
Alot of you have come to me personally asking what the "official statement" on the issue is.
I apologize that I haven't responded to this earlier, i'm well aware this is a somewhat pressing matter but I needed some time to think things over.
Sleep on it, pondering all angles and point of views.

This is not a simple question to be answered with yes or no, as there are many angles to it.
It is true when someone says that it equals cheating, because you apply 'bugs' and use them in the game in a way the game is not ment to be played.
You deliberately (ab)use holes in the game to gain a personal advantage.
It also nullifies one of the game's primairy charms, survival with the risk of losing your good stuff.
Who cares if you die if you can just run back and have all the best weapons in a matter of minutes?
It effectively removes the need for scavenging, teamwork, missions and operations.

It is also true if the other person says that running into a house when there are zombies on you to slow them down is the same principle, - You use the game holes to gain a personal advantage.
And what about glitchy tents that eat the gear you worked so hard for, or a server reset wipe your entire inventory?
Alt F4 to dodge a hacker?
Server hop to use the waypoints? daylight?

Where do we draw the line? What is ok and what is not?
5th Element core revolves around keeping limits to a minimum, allowing it's members to play the game in the way they enjoy most.
For the sake of making it a somewhat controlable environment, some boundaries must be set.
However this is a limit I have to leave to our own members.
I cannot possible 'police' people to prevent duping/alt f4-ing, and most importantly I don't even want to.
We are a international organisation so everyone is bound to have different opinions.
What I can do, is list my opinions on the subject, and call it a code of honor.
Yes, this is how I would like to see my members play, legit, fair and competitive. This is the image I like 5th Element to have towards the public eye.
Ultimately, the decision lies within yourself, as I cannot possibly enforce it.
The server will only be reset daily, and I am allowing the squadleaders to set their own parameters on this.

- I do not dupe.
- I only use 1 tent to store the extra weapons and gear I find, and only set up a 2nd when the first one is full. (This gives me 1 'save' per day) Most of what I do not use I give to my clan members.
- I do not Alt F4, unless I am under direct assault of a obvious hacker.
- In the rare case the server eats my gear (Tents should work properly now), I might obtain some gear that I have genuinely aquired on a different server.
- With the exception of the sentence above, I play on our own server at all times, no matter the time or weather. It's what we pay for after all.
- I do not ghost. Period.

Using any 'glitch' used for other than reimbursement due technical errors (Alpha game), is severely frowned upon by me, to say the least.
Again, look in the mirror and be your own judge. Be the change you want to be. by Fish

Hope I have shed some light on the issue.


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Re: Statement about duping, alt f4, server hopping, ghosting, glitches etcetera.

Post by Teraustralis on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:37 pm

Amen Brother,
^ What he said, altho there might be the odd occasion i use the Aussie servers cause my ping is just way to high


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