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If your a NEW recuit looking to join up

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If your a NEW recuit looking to join up

Post by Fish on Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:36 pm

If your a new face looking to join up, heres a few helpful tips to avoid unwarranted kicks and other proper teamspeak procedures.

Upon joining, introduce yourself!

If your interested in getting a feel for how we operate, please do not just join one of our public squad channels and just sit there in silence. The natue of the this game makes all players involved extra paranoid and players will become frustrated, leave the channel, even kick you from teamspeak from lack of any contact as positional information cannot be relayed.

If your new and joining teamspeak, either become active through chat or voice coms, or simply stay in the lobby/join a new channel to wait for someone to come talk to you

The nature of the game makes people especially paranoid, and following these few simple guidelines can avoid an unwarranted kick from teamspeak.

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