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Tera Online guild opening message.

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Tera Online guild opening message.

Post by Drasqo on Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:46 am


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[spoiler= Default text format]
Hello everyone and welcome to the '5th Element'!

Please be advised that the following post is rather extensive, and might require more than a few minutes to read.

First off, we would like to thank you for opening this link.
By doing so, you have indirectly given us the chance to tell you all about the 5th Element community. Now it's time to return the favour by offering you the chance to be part of one of the most ambitious project up to date.

Nowadays it seems to become a priority to introduce oneself, maybe describe the author of the post in great detail or post an entire list of previous experiences in different area's.
However, I'd much rather start by telling you more about the 5th Element, because let's face it you didn't come here for me, you came for the 5th Element, so let's talk 5th.

So what exactly is the 5th Element ?

That is actually rather difficult to explain, but if I were to make an attempt, this would be it.

'The 5th Element is a project currently in it's start-up phase, providing a multi-cultural platform for everyone around the globe to connect, share and enjoy various topics of interests together.
With a dedicated team, multiple divisions, shifting events and the most professional tools currently available we aim to provide you with the best dynamic user experience by bringing you a social hub that you might end up calling your second home."

Okay, what the hell?

Understandable, allow us to explain.
But first, let's have this paragraph sourced from wiki explaining the general concept of a community have a go at you.

In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness.
Since the advent of the Internet, the concept of community has less geographical limitation, as people can now gather virtually in an online community and share common interests regardless of physical location.
Prior to the internet, virtual communities (like social or academic organizations) were far more limited by the constraints of available communication and transportation technologies.
If community exists, both freedom and security may exist as well. The community then takes on a life of its own, as people become free enough to share and secure enough to get along.
The sense of connectedness and formation of social networks comprise what has become known as social capital.
Social capital is defined by Robert D. Putnam as "the collective value of all social networks and the inclinations that arise from these works to do things for each other.

In less fancy words, this basically means that most humans have the incentive to 'connect' to other people, in one way or the other.
Whether it be in the form of a book club, football team, or the friends you hang out with around the corner, it all comes down to feeling part of a 'group'.

I'm pretty sure most of you already had a good understanding of 'communities', and if you didn't, you will have at least gotten a grasp of it by now.
The reason I am elaborating on this is because it forms an essential part of the other segments I am about to explain about the 5th Element.

A lot of us have been in clans, guilds or other forms of groups before, so I do not feel the need to point out the enjoyment one can get from these. The less enjoyable part comes from the moment such a community shifts into a different direction resulting in a decay or wipe of said community. For example, when a guild moves to a different game.
Instead of disbanding and re-creating, we'd rather add another division, effectively giving our members the option to play one game or another, without losing 'contact' with friends or acquaintances they met earlier.
This definitely doesn't mean we are splitting up, instead of dividing we are expanding, instead of subtracting, we add, we grow instead of diminishing, together.
This mindset goes multiple ways as we try to remove the negatives and minuses on all fronts.
So does this makes the 5th Element a multi-gaming community?
Yes and no, it IS a multi-gaming community, but it's not just that, because why stop there? Why limit ourselves to one category ?
If a solid infrastructure is built, and the right people are in the right positions, expansion is always possible, ranging from band fan clubs to art designers holding events.
These are just random examples, we're merely pointing out that as long as a large enough group has an interest in something the possibilities are endless.

As we mentioned before, the 5th Element is a project currently in it's launching phase.
So before we can even start thinking about actually hiring people, we will have to rely heavily on volunteers.
This does however create an immense opportunity for you, the player/member to help build, create and shape the future of this community and be part of something bigger than just a guild.
And even those only interested in being part of a mature and fun guild are more than welcome.

This means the 5th Element will initially exercise an open-door policy.
We would like to give everyone a warm welcome no matter where you're from, what clothes you wear or what god you worship.
Whether you're a rock star or a homeless person with eleven toes, you're welcome here, because we only care about your personality, the 5th element inside of you.
There won't be any class, race or level requirements in our games either, the only requirement is that you are willing to and that you respect our guidelines.
Yes, we have guidelines instead of rules.
Besides the fact that it sounds more friendly, it also allows for more freedom and creativity.
As such, we will use polls to provide a democratic environment.
Do not be mistaken however, we are experienced enough to know that rotten apples do exist, and that the world is not always a happy place.
Because of this open door policy, a 'weeding' process or the like is inevitable.
So while the members themselves are responsible for their own limitations of their freedom, we do have people in place with the authority to overrule something should the need arise.
We are not leaderless, but as we feel everyone should be able to have an input, your suggestions, idea's and complaints are more than encouraged.
Every case is reviewed, every voice is heard and every complaint is listened to, despite your rank or status.
Everyone is equal in this way.

The European version of Tera is where this project will see it's first daylight.
There will be a voice chat server online before launch.
Limits such as user slots and data traffic will be upgraded once it reaches full capacity.
An ad-free website, forum and voice chat server are around the corner.Extensive guides and video streaming are some of the early plans that are in the making as well.
Instead of focusing on a certain aspect of Tera, we intend to enjoy the entire content it has to offer.

This thread will be viewed for a limited time only, any questions, idea's, suggestions or general additions are more than welcome here but keep in mind that the response will be faster on our own website.

At the time of this post, our current website and forum have just been opened to the public!
Why don't you swing by and tell us how your day was?

Click this [URL=""]link[/URL] to visit our website

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