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You boys liek mexico!? (application)

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You boys liek mexico!? (application)

Post by Rabidsmurf on Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:20 am

Name: Rabid
Status: On-Duty
Rank: undetermined
Position: Scavenger,mechanic
Enlistment Date: july 20 2012
Retired: No
Gender: Male
Age: aprox 40
Race: Human
Birthplace: Mountains region unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Physical Build: Could use a meal and bath(but so does everyone)
Education: Top of class nascar "mech-a-nicin'" as says, used to runa family barbeque house(miss dem ribs),Various schools, some college, once read a pile of books in a library during the first months of zombie reign.

Service Record & Events of Note:Found and fully refitted, atv, motorcycle, civilian truck v3s(guy headshot me as i finished adjusting the rearview), Rescued many people from various points of map in orderlytime, cooks a mean bistro pastrami ala goat

Reprimand - none

Promotions: waiting please load....
.... etc etc

Awards & Reprimands:
Died in the service of non-bandito'ism

Psychological Profile: Fiercely loyal, Honorable,and willing to put in the extra mile to make things work. Does Not handle threats well. Psychotic behavior torwards any hostile force imagined or hinted will result in violence. Suggest medication and perhaps a pictures of kittens.

Other: Attends he has a sense of humor.

((This is an in-game in character profile.))


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