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Mumble Installation and Configuration Guide

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Mumble Installation and Configuration Guide

Post by MercFHire on Mon May 07, 2012 5:18 am

The installation and configuration of Mumble is quite easy, there are some area's though that some users may run into difficulty and this is why this guide was created.

Mumble can be downloaded from here.

Once downloaded, installed, and launched you will be prompted with the Audio Tuning Wizard.
This is where you select your input and output devices and also tune voice volume and activation.

The input/output audio options will differ from system to system but you should select the primary options for your soundcard, this screen will also allow you to hear sound and will capture sound from your mic, it may sound strange and echo a bit but this is just a standard feature to ensure your mic is transmitting and that your sound is working.
Mumble has a built in feature that lowers ingame sound when users are talking, some members may not like this and if you want to disable it, it can be done by unchecking the 'Attenuate application while other users talk' check box.

The next important screen is the one that allows you to configure the volume for Mumble so that you can clearly hear other users, be they raging or whispering.

The next screen is one to pay close attention to, this screen allows you to configure the threshold at which Mumble transmits so that other users only hear you when you're talking and not when you're typing or have general background noises.

The easiest way to configure this is to select the top option and set a push to talk key so that you only transmit when the selected key is pressed.
If you wish to use voice activation, select the middle option and adjust the slider so that when talking loudly or quietly the indicator shows up in the yellow or green area's, all other sounds should remain in the red zone to prevent continuous activation.

Once you finish the tuning wizrd, the Mumble Server connect screen will appear.
Click Add New and the following screen will appear.

The Label can be called what ever you want.
The Address and port need to be filled out with the same information seen in the screenshot and the Username is the name in which other users connected to Mumble will know you by.

Hopefully this guide will be of some use to anyone having problems with configuring Mumble.

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Re: Mumble Installation and Configuration Guide

Post by SaharaKiff on Mon May 07, 2012 5:26 am

Nice guide, thanks for making this!


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Re: Mumble Installation and Configuration Guide

Post by Drasqo on Sat May 19, 2012 5:45 pm

proper good job mate Smile



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Re: Mumble Installation and Configuration Guide

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