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Fifth The Tactical Group - FTG

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Fifth The Tactical Group - FTG

Post by ComancheBrave on Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:38 am


FTG - 5th now caters to 'Hardcore' players

As we were finalizing the layout for the new try-out system yesterday, another previous concept hit the table.
With great enjoyment we used to run squad trainings, missions and events.
As expected, these things required heavy moderation and strict rules to be succesfull.
Wich in a way, contradicts to 5th's global vision about limitations, requirements and anything that has a 'must' in front of it.
one of the very foundations 5th is build upon is to provide a enjoyable
platform for as many different interests for twice the amount of
different people.
Being a international community, it's often a sport of juggling and finding the right balance and expanding upon feedback.
so your input has been heard and we have given birth to the FTG, the
Fifth Tactical Group, a addition to give members the opportunity to
strap their gameface on in a equally motivated environment.
5th wouldnt be 5th if it wasn't open to all, and joining is as easy as snapping your fingers.
Simply notify a officer you like to sign up and your automaticly added.
easy as joining may be, bear in mind that by joining you agree to a
extensive list of additional rules and regulations for when your in
actual 'FTG' mode.
The list is still under construction, but during
yesterday's meeting our Comanche was quick enough to bag and tag a line
when I spoke about the level of dedication, wich is now framed and
slapped on our first page of FTG's code of conduct, our holy bible.

The Guidelines of Fifth Tactical Group (FTG)

1) FTG is for Serious Squad Gameplay. We keep the joking and side chat
to a minimum. This is a group for those who really wish to put their
game faces on.

2) When in Channel, when a Squad Leader calls
"Break" everyone goes silent. Break is to be used for Mission critical
information only.

3) We move as a squad, we take orders seriously. Do not go off on a tangent, we stick together and/or to our assignments

In FTG you must be flexible, there are times when we must rapidly
change depending on the situation, You may not always be able to pick
your favorite class depending on the situation, however, we will take
what you have chosen as your 'expertise' into heavy consideration in
each 'mission' we go on. Depending on the situation, we may need many
heavies to defeat armor attacking a foothold, or multiple infiltrators
in attempt to harass certain troops.

5) Officers/Squad Leaders
are expected to write reports after the action is complete. In these
reports you are to give comm(Teamwork, Skill, Good communication etc) as
well as write things that we may need to improve on. Basically, what
went well in the mission, and what didn't go so well.

6) Clear
and concise communication is expected at all times, be aware of your
surroundings. When using the comm. Use either direction of the vehicle.
(IE 1 o clock, 2 o'clock etc.) Or compass directions. (North of Squad,
East of base etc etc.) Descriptions of locations should be as brief as
possible, but as precise as possible.

7) All those in FTG are expected to read the materials provided for strategy and provide feedback, or ask any questions.

8 )
Again, to re-emphasize, this squad is for those who are interested in a
more 'serious' or 'military simulation' style of play. ANYONE Can join,
but you are expected to adhere to these rules.


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