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Most likely wont be back

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Most likely wont be back

Post by SaharaKiff on Sun May 20, 2012 5:54 am

Hello people, i have some personal reasons as to why i think i wont be back, stuff i gotta do in my life. Mainly to the MMORPG genre, untill these are fixed. Dont have the time. And i am GREATLY pleased by Teras gameplay, but it also seems the question is very repetitive, not enough variaty, neither in the way the mobs are fought or what they are about. And the lack of PvP battlegrounds is not good for a PvPer like myself.

I do wanna say my Mumble is 100% open for this guild, untill you guys find other arrangements. Im currently playing Diablo 3 however, so if anyone wanna hook up there, add Bazinga#1122.

Hope you all enjoy the game more than me!

C'est la vie!


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Re: Most likely wont be back

Post by Drasqo on Mon May 21, 2012 4:13 am

Ola brother Smile
First of all thanks for taking the time to leave a message, I hope the personal reasons don't carry too much negative weight.
A sad loss for Tera indeed, but I'll still be jumping in your channel from time to time just to have a chat with you lot. We are still very gratefull that we can use the server.
By the time tera implents battlegrounds or the like ill be sure to poke you around, and until then we will always have our video to cherish <3

Bear witness to Sahara in his prime time! Razz

(For those who don't reconize sahara's voice, he's the one telling us to attack the 38 before he runs off and leaves us to die Very Happy)

Your character will remain in the guild and imo, you're still 5th.
Also, it appears quite a lot of our members play or used to play League of Legends.
I especially still have 2 portugese asses to kick, so I could use a hand or two there Wink
Planning on trying out Diable 3 next week, it won't be more than a few games in a week, as most of my time is dedicated to this community and Tera, but when i get it we should have a game so you can learn me the ropes. Smile

Anyways, thanks again and I hope you leave a message now and then.

Good luck & much love,



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