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Update Temple of Temerity

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Update Temple of Temerity

Post by Drasqo on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:54 am

TERA is packed to the brim with ethereal environments, brutish BAMs, and wonderfully imaginative creatures and quests. While there is already a great deal to do, see, and destroy; we are constantly working to release even more content that will offer new and interesting ways to play the game. The Temple of Temerity is a brand new dungeon that does just that, in addition to providing some delightfully delicious loot drops.

The Temple of Temerity will be available with our next content update.

Laying down the gauntlet

Aimed squarely at the level 60 players of TERA, the Temple of Temerity will provide a tough test of skill and determination for those who dare to tread its depths. You and your party will have to face up against 4 monstrous BAMs and untold waves of mobs in order to make it out alive.

But that all sounds just a little bit too easy for a dungeon of this caliber, right? Right! That's why there are two more points to consider when entering the Temple of Temerity that will be sure to keep your entire party occupied not only with offensive duties, but also with defensive tasks as well. In addition to having to kill waves of mobs and 4 bone crushing BAMs, you also have to protect a number of ancient artifacts from waves of maniacal named monsters. With each wave, the monsters become tougher and more ferocious, oh and did we mention that all mobs, named monsters and BAMs must be cleared within 20 minutes! Should the artifacts fall into the wrong hands, or your party fail to clear the dungeon in time, your rewards will not be nearly as sweet.


Lingering at the back of their individual lairs, the BAMs found in the temple can trace their lineage back to rare breeds of cautious monstrosities. While they are extremely aggressive, they are also aware of the benefits of preparing for combat and letting their foes come to them.

The boss areas of the temple confer a distortion effect to all who enter those areas of the Temple. This effect prevents you from using your skills, which is obviously a huge hindrance to what is already a difficult task.

Luckily you can avail of a serum that will temporarily bolster your constitution, making immune to this affect for 3 minutes. With 4 bosses to beat, and only a limited amount of time to avail of the serum's immunity, you will need to coordinate closely with the rest of your party to ensure that each person uses their serum precisely when they need to, not a moment before or after. It's entirely possible that not all party members will be able to face off against all of the BAMs, so it is doubly important to ensure that the right players face off against the foe that they can best deal with.

Did a Party member die? KILL MORE NAMED MONSTERS!

That's right, Temple of Temerity is home to the Relic's Power, which allows you to revive downed party members by killing 50 named monsters. Depending on how many down allies you have, dropping 50 named monsters might be a tough task, but it's certainly achievable so never give up!

So much loot!

What would a dungeon be without tasty loot drops? The Temple of Temerity has some pretty tasty drops indeed. Extremely powerful necklaces, crystals, Alkahests and badges drop in relative abundance. The Temple of Temerity is certainly a great location to revisit on a frequent basis in order to gather better gear. What is particularly nice about the Temple of Temerity is that the badges earned within can be traded for sealed glyphs, or if you collect a significant number of Dire Badges, you can choose the exact advanced glyphs that you want!

And with that, it's time to bid this preview adieu. We hope it has given you some insight into what the Temple of Temerity will contain, how it all works, and what to look forward to playing in the not too distant future. As always feel free to discuss this temple with others on our forum, and let us know how excited you are about this forthcoming addition! We certainly can't wait!


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