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5th Element DayZ Squad officially launched!

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5th Element DayZ Squad officially launched!

Post by Drasqo on Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:09 pm

Hello young and old members!

A few days ago I decided to buy arma and have a go at the DayZ mod.
It was pretty obvious the game would be much more enjoyable with a group of friends, so I made the Teamspeak server public and announced it on the forums.
I never expected it to be such a huge succes, people from all around the globe came on and we had amazing runs with around 15 people on at once.
The slots on the teamspeak server is going to be increased to handle all those enthusiasts out there.
As our organisation ingame increased and we're slowly setting up permanent camps, we decided to to make this a bit more official and form a official squad.

Our TS server will still be open to public, so nothing changes to the possibility of just hanging out with a few friends, your now simply able to get a bit more out of it should you be inclined to do so.
A server group was added to the TS server, so you can now reconize our members by their [5th] tag, wich we will also use ingame.

A short list of our current fouding members (Not updated)

- Drasqo / Justin
- Mistermenphis22 / Kevin
- Pickals
- Bane
- John
- iFoozy / Marcus
- Comanche Brave
- Dan
- Devrax
- JimMountain
- Yin

Feel free to visit us at any time!

Our Teamspeak Server:
Our Website:
Our Forum:
Our application thread: (Basically a small introduction if you're willing to join, our only requirements are some common sense and maturity)


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