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5th Element - General information and recruitment thread

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5th Element - General information and recruitment thread

Post by Drasqo on Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:44 am

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Welcome to the 5th Element general information and recruitment thread.
This thread has been created to prevent information from being spread all across the forums, and will contain all the latest news and updates about 5th Element in one compiled "All you need to know'" thread.

Officially originated as a Tera Online guild in May 2012, 5th Element added a DayZ branche in July and as a result it grew exponentially and continues to do so.
What started out as a public Teamspeak hub for fellow players to meet and group up, quickly evolved into a structured organization.
While we may have evolved, the original "open door" policy for the teamspeak server will never change.
Wether you want to find some fellow survivors around the globe to group with or just hang out and chat a bit, everyone is still welcome at all times.
You can even use our teamspeak to create seperate channels for you and your friends only.
Some may call us a clan, guild, team, squad or community, we simply refer to ourselves as 5th.

While we are not a leaderless organisation. the 5th Element will always aim to keep it's members and guests as free from restrictions as possible.
Effectively allowing them to enjoy their games in the way they enjoy most.
We are a international community with members from all around the globe, set in a democratic environment.
All 'Major' decisions will be decided upon by internal polls.
No matter where your from or what you look like, everyone is equal.
As the organisation grows you may find some members empowered with additional rights.
This does not effect their 'importance' at all, as their votes and voices will have the same volume as those of a newcomer on it's first day.
Please bear in mind that some situations might require instant adjustments, therefore the 5th Administration team holds the right to edit or modify any rule or regulation without prior notice.
This will only happen rarely, and you can be sure of it that the person(s) involved had good reasons for doing so.

5th Element Teamspeak Server
No password required

*Slots will increase once needed.
See below for the 5th Element Teamspeak rules and regulations

5th Element DayZ Server

To be updated
No password required

*Server has been ordered, status pending.
See below for the 5th Element DayZ rules and regulations

We are currently playing on the US 303 Dallas server provided by
Their active, friendly and approachable administration team have supplied us with a excellent environment to play on.
We suggest everyone to give this server a try.
Unfortunatly, the server has lately been under attack by rampant hacking, so play at your own risk.

While 5th Element will never force it's members or guests to pay a single cent, donations are encouraged to keep our services running.

Press the button below to donate.
Thank you!

*All donations that go over the required monthly costs will go to the next month*

While we much rather refer and limit them to general guidelines, certain boundaries must be in place.
Some may be rules, some are guidelines while others are just tips and suggestions.
Below you will find a compiled list of the general behavior that is requested, aswell as a description explaining them.

5th Element

1. Maturity and common sense.

As it is 5th Element's policy to keep limits to a minimum, we do not impose a age limit.
We have members from all cultures around the world, and while there is a higher probability a older person is more mature, it is definatly not defined by age.
We do expect our members to resolve situations in a mature and appropiate manner, using their common sense to the best of their ability.
There is a flipside to this 'All age' policy, since we do not limit our members profanity either.
Upon joining or using any of the 5th Element services, you may be subject to abusive language, 18+ discussions or any other form of communication that may offend you.
The 5th Element withdraws itself from any responsebility in this area, and exercises a 'own risk' policy.
Often one just needs to get a thicker skin, but in extreme cases for example racism or legal issues, measures can be taken.
All issues can be thrown up and open for discussion on our forums.
Again, common sense.

2. Be friendly, patient and show respect.

5th Element is a new(bie) friendly organisation.
Not everyone has aquired as much knowledge of a game or any other mechanic as you do, we therefore ask you to be friendly and patient when someone runs into a issue.
We are all human beings, wich also means people can have a shitty day and we dont expect them to smile all the time.
You can be who you are, and if things dont work out simply take a step back and try again later, or look for a other solution.
Communication is key here.

3. Ability to speak English.

As we are international, we can expect people to less adept at our main language for communication.
To some people, English may be a 2nd,3rd or even 4th language.
This is perfectly fine, aslong as people can understand what's being said.
Out of respect to others we also speak English in any form of public communication, like Teamspeak and Forums.
People are allowed to talk in their native language if there are no other people present, or they have clearly stated they do not mind.
However, it is advised that you simply create a temporarely channel if you feel the need to speak in your native language.

4. Short, clear communication and use of appropiate channels.

As the membercount and teamspeak users increased we quickly experienced a clusterfuck in our main lobby channel.
Having 20 people in a channel spread across the map trading goods, asking questions and calling out enemy positions obviously does not work all that great.
We have therefore implended tons of specific channels, make use of them.
I'm not saying it's not possible, as we had large amount of players in the same channel with perfect communication.
It is up to the users wether to cut down on the chit-chat and use short/clear communication or simply join a different channel for the time being.

5. Fair and legit gameplay.

Surely we are not saints and have made smart use of certain glitches or faulty game mechanics.
However, we will never make use of hacks, exploits or cheats that have a direct influence on other people's gameplay experience.
This includes but not limited to: Alt+F4, ghosting, 3rd party programs, admin abuse etc.
As upcoming server admins we promote a fair and equal gameplay experience for everyone.
Since we are not completely in control and have eyes and ears everywhere, people are encouraged to state their issues on our forums.

6. Activity.

Pretty self explanatory, be a active part of our community.
We all have our responsebilities and duties to take care of.
So we do not mandate a required hours online.
Play with us whenever you can and want to, no strings attached.
We do appreciate it however if you leave a short notification if your about to make a 6-month world trip.
Also, it is highly suggested you visit our forums on a regular basis to stay up to date on all the latest news, events and updates.

5th Element is currently running 1 event(s).
Click to proceed.

[url=""]5th Element Combat Rescue Operations[/url]

If you like to play in a group, hang out and make friends and approve of the way we go about things, you have come to the right place.
Due to the huge amount of enthusiasts,we have intensified our application methods.
It may require a bit of work, but to many it has been worth the effort - and then again, what kind of members do you think we are looking for? Wink

Step 1.

Write up a application as a reply to this thread, or on our own forums located [url=""]here[/url]
For easy acces you can use the optional format below (This has 0% influence on the probability of acceptance)
Keep in mind this is your first impression, it's better to review it once than to do a quick half-assed job.

Simply copy and paste the code below.
[left][color=#ffffff]Additional info:[/color][/left]
[left][color=#ffffff]Have you read, agreed and fully understand all of 5th Element's rules and regulations?:[/color]

Step 2.

If you haven't already, register yourself at our forums located [url=""]here[/url]
In case you applied using this thread, make a new thread stating your name as title [url=""]here[/url], and post a link to your application in this thread.
(This is required so that if and when you are accepted we can add you to the forum usergroup granting you acces to the members only sections.)

Step 3.

Connect to our teamspeak at and notify us you have applied.
Once your application has been reviewed and approved, a server admin will add you to the 5th DayZ try-out group and a tag will be added behind your name.

Step 4.

Hang around our teamspeak and forums, make friends, play and have fun.

Step 5.

After approximately a week (Depending on activity) a internal vote will be held that all current members can vote upon.
This poll will run for approximately 2 days and should you have the majority of the votes by the end of this period, there is only one thing left to say,-

Congratulations, you are now officially 5th!
Welcome and enjoy your stay.

For any questions you can contact us using the following methods.

Our Teamspeak:
Our website: Click [url=""]here[/url]
Our forums: Click [url=""]here[/url]
Private message DayZ Forum: Click [url="§ion=send&do=form&fromMemberID=50631"]here[/url]
Private message 5th Element Forum: Click [url=""]here[/url]
Phonenumber: +31652086037 Justin 'Drasqo' van der Woude (Lead admin 5th Element)


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